institute of intelligent  industrial technologies and systems for advanced manufacturing 

National Research Council - Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies and Systems for Advanced Manufacturing deeply invests in the research, coherently with the European objectives, with the aim of continuously supporting the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector by bringing innovation in the factory. CNR-STIIMA, as a promoter of industrial innovation, performs strategic activities of Scientific Research and Technological Development for the Competitiveness and Sustainability of Italian and European Manufacturing Industries. CNR-STIIMA acts in tight collaboration with Enterprises, Universities, Research Centres and Institutions within National, European and International Programmes, Projects and Industrial Contracts.


Lombardy Intelligent Factory Association is the Lombardy Cluster for the Advanced Manufacturing, one the Specialization Areas identified by Lombardy Region in its S3 Strategy (Smart Specialization Strategy). It has been founded in 2013, and recognised in June 2014 as the technological cluster for advanced manufacturing, first among 9 clusters of Lombardy. Its founding members are ITIA-CNR, Politecnico di Milano, Intellimech Consortium and Innovhub SSI. The mission of AFIL is to foster research and innovation in the field of Advanced and Sustainable Manufacturing, promoting better practices and enabling technologies among firms, in order to develop the leadership and the competitivity of the extended Production System of Lombardy. 


Association Cluster Marche Manufacturing is a public-private partnership composed of different subjects, Universities, Research Institutes and Local Companies mainly. They cooperate and work together to collect and study the needs of the manufacturing production, which is always more oriented to a smart, mechanized, efficient, eco- friendly and people-oriented working. It was officially set up in July 2013, with the aim of connecting the local production needs with the policies of our Region, Marche Region, to support innovation, research and development.


Eurocat Fondation is the Technology Centre of Catalonia. It’s the result of the integration of the most important technology centres from the TECNIO network: Ascamm, Barcelona Media, BDigital, Cetemmsa and CTM. Combines the experience of over 450 professionals, generating an annual income of € 40 Million. The new centre serves over a thousand businesses, participates in over 160 national and international R&D&i high level strategic projects, and has 36 international patents and 7 technology-based companies.


Pomurje Technology Park is an active and globally renowned centre for innovative, technological and knowledge-based businesses. Its mission is to design a range of economy infrastructure and advanced services in order to co-founding new companies, establish help in the growth and operation of existing companies that will contribute to bigger competitiveness, high quality workplaces, and the modernization of the economic structure in the region.  With new infrastructure and support services, it is wanted to raise the region’s innovation environment level that will enable the development of anchor companies that are based on higher added value, and an environment that will represent a development generator junction as well as better access to knowledge, research results, new technologies and other advanced services.

technology park ljubljana

Technology Park Ljubljana is the largest innovation ecosystem for commercialization of knowledge and technology in SE Europe. It is a Smart city for 300+ member companies, innovative teams and individuals, with 75.000 m2 of high-quality infrastructure in 2 locations, hosting 300+ member companies with +1.500 employees, Smart city & living services and programs and Network of FabLabs & OpenLabs.


Croatian chamber of economy - Varaždin County chamber

Croatian Chamber of Economy - Varazdin County Chamber represents all legal entities engaged in business in Varaždin County. The main goal is to promote and enhance the business environment, stimulate a vibrant regional economy and produce a cooperative effort to improve competitiveness and productive capacity of the companies. The basic focus of the Chamber’s operations is to assist companies in the promotion of their interest through various forms of activities as helping companies create national and international business partnerships, organising education and improvement of specific knowledge among companies, stimulating adoption and implementation of new innovative business models, implementing EU projects with the goal of making the business sector more competitive and creating favourable investment environment.

cluster inteligentna energija 

Cluster Inteligentna Energija is a business network of SMEs established on 2009 to strengthening of RES industry and energy efficiency with a creative approach. Its mission is to create new green jobs through production of solutions and systems as well as through delivery and continuous care for installed plants and technology. Cluster "Inteligentna Energija" is focused on green technologies in areas of Hydro-Energy (small hydro power plants), Solar-Energy (PV and thermal systems), biomass, energy efficiency and heat pumps, all of which have high employment potential. Cluster's activities contribute to economic growth, installation of new energy sources, and higher security of energy supply, better environmental conditions as well as lower gas emissions.



Plastipolis is the only competitiveness cluster dedicated to Plastic Industry, gathering more than 400 members, among them 250 companies. Since its creation in 2005, Plastipolis fosters and develops innovation for Plastic Industry, thanks to collaborative R&D projects, with around 140 funded projects and more than 25 European projects supported. In addition of this activity, Plastipolis would like to promote innovation in education and competencies management, but also help companies in their investment and industrialization activities and of course for their international development.


Interbalkan Environment Center is a non-profit and mission oriented international organization that links local communities and countries in the wider Balkan nations, with EU and UN agencies. It is supported by 14 partners: six decentralized, four regional, three municipal, administrations and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The i-BEC approach translates research and scientific research into operational tools and applications for public sector agencies and natural resource users. i-BEC provides integrated solutions for stakeholders, supports citizens and local communities. Ten years since its founding, i-BEC has proven that know-how transfer and innovative implementation is a successful model to follow. i-BEC is the data gateway for all levels of public administration with its national and global activities. As an international organization, i-BEC is being effectively guided by its International Board and sets a paradigm of regional effort expansion to the global scale. i-BEC is becoming a vehicle and pioneering structure for innovation transfer and application globally.