Green manufacturing

Why Green manufacturing?

Manufacturing is a fundamental pillar of the Europe’s economy. In order to remain competitive and to enhance contribution to green growth, companies need to uptake innovative technologies and to embrace new business models allowing clean and sustainable production.

Manufacturing can significantly contribute to sustainability:

•  it consumes the 30% of energy produced

•  it uses raw materials and other natural resources as input

•  it generates environmental emissions

In this light, GREEN MANUFACTURING is a top-priority for Europe.

Green manufacturing Challenges

Europe is a global leader in knowledge production, also in the field of sustainable manufacturing technologies and methods. It has also an advanced environmental culture and regulation in terms of sustainable and green manufacturing. But

•  There are historical weaknesses in bringing new knowledge in industry

•  The fragmentation and vast number of SMEs make even more complicated the innovation process

Pilot plants could offer companies, especially SMEs, the opportunity to address these challenges, thus reducing the uptake risk. However, a wide and accessible trans-regional network of pilot plants focused on green manufacturing technologies does not currently exist in Europe on a large scale.

GREENOMED: Green manufacturing & Pilot plants

In the Greenomed project, pilot plants were conceived as innovation infrastructures accessible to companies, including SMEs, where they could understand, test and set-up innovative technologies and methods for their business.

The goal of Greenomed was thus to contribute to the conceptualisation and implementation of a European network of pilot plants on green manufacturing.

In particular, Greenomed tested a methodology enabling Regions to cooperate for the collaborative design and implementation of pilot plants under the logic of Smart Specialization.