GREENOMED workshop and Vanguard Initiative event “NEW GROWTH THROUGH SMART SPECIALIZATION” took place in Technology park Ljubljana

On 12th of December 2017, Technology park Ljubljana Ltd, with support of Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Education, Science and Sport; Ministry of Economic development and Technology and Government office for development and European cohesion Policy – Smart specialization coordination body, organized an event and a thematic workshop on opportunities for Slovenian stakeholders to be included in transnational S3 Initiatives as well as Vanguard initiative.

The thematic workshop entitled “Opportunities for collaboration and growth of Research and Innovation stakeholders in S3 European thematic partnership and in Vanguard Initiative trans-regional S3 collaboration” was the first step of implementation of GREENOMED testing methodology in Slovenia by raising awareness about Vanguard Initiative and pilot plants.

More than 80 participants from Slovenia and abroad including policymakers, research institution representatives, SRIP - Slovenian strategic and innovation partnerships, companies, clusters and participated in the event. 

The central part of the event was in a form of a roundtable composed of Dr. Peter Wostner from the Government office for development and Regional Cohesion policy, Aleš Hančič from TECOS cluster, Iztok Lesjak from Technology park Ljubljana ltd., Giacomo Copani from ITIA-CNR Lombardy, Valentina Pinna – chair of Vanguard and Maja Ferlinc – Slovenian Business & Research Association. The roundtable was focused on understanding the impact and opportunities of the Vanguard initiative for companies, intermediaries and decision makers. Participants in the event stressed the need for resources and expertise for innovation in companies and underlying Vanguard and GREENOMED as an excellent opportunity for supporting companies by presenting networking and collaboration opportunities.