Il tessile nel manifatturiero 4.0 – The textile sector in Advanced Manufacturing era

AFIL cluster is organising an event focused on textile sector and in particular on innovative solutions and applications of Industry 4.0 technologies.

The event will be held on 4th of Pctober 2018 at Kilometro Rosso Innovation hub and it will involve a heterogeneous audience of regional stakeholders active in the textile sector or, more in general, interested in Industry 4.0 applications and topics. The agenda will be structured mainly around industrial cases or projects in the area of AFIL working groups:

  • De and Remanufacturing
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Digital & Intelligent manufacturing
  • Smart materials
  • Additive manufacturing


Considering the objective of the event, the target audience and the reference to the topics of “Green Manufacturing”, it will be a great opportunity to disseminate GREENOMED project among a specific group of regional stakeholders not yet actively and largerly involved if the core group.


The event will be held in Italian.