A Matchmaking event within the Greenomed project were held on Friday, April 27th 2018, at the Park Boutique Hotel in Varaždin. The event was held within the testing framework of GREENOMED project and was co-organsied by GREENOMED and WATIFY.

The CCE – County Chamber Varaždin, in cooperation with Watify campaign, organized a GREENOMEDconference and bilateral meetings on Automation and Robotics for Green Manufacturing with the aim to foster the technological transformation of industry in Europe.

What strategy is required to apply a digital transformation in the Croatian industry and the society, which kind of projects the research community is carrying out and how they could be useful for companies, are some example of questions that have animated the international conference "Automation and robotics for green manufacturing".

Since trans-regional cooperation allows the exploitation of complementary resources and the creation of synergies in international value chains in the use of technologies, widening of database of the potential end-users as well as resolving other issues (eg. standardization), the main aim of the event was to raise awareness about pilot plants, what GREENOMED project is doing to design and implement inter-regional pilot plants and  accordingly  identify the interest of industry and encourage the cooperation between the public and private sectors in the development of joint initiatives as partnerships or joint demonstration of projects in automation and robotics in green manufacturing. 

In particular, the conference was animated by the following presentations and debates:

Mr. Jordi Romero from EURECAT - Technology Centre of Catalonia from Barcelona, talked about the possibilities of joining the European network, within the Vanguard initiative, for the Croatian companies and research centres. He presented the activities and business model of the Advanced sustainable surface technologies and materials for functional polymers network.

Prof. Nedeljko Štefanić, PhD from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, presented the dual strategy and goals of the Lean and digital transformation of the Croatian industry comparing the low productivity of the Croatian manufacturing industry with the neighbouring EU countries.

Several projects, in which the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of University of Zagreb is involved, were presented by Prof. Stjepan Bogdan. These projects constitute examples of good practice of the activities carried out to automate and digitalize the industry. Following are reported some projects presented: 

  • EC-SAFEMOBIL is a project for secure mobile wireless industrial systems for widespread use in warehouses and industrial halls. 
  • SafeLog is a project dealing with the integrated security concept of the use of mobile robots in an environment where people and robots work closely together. 
  • Projects Endorse and FlexPick are examples of an efficient use of robots in working environment.

Moreover, the discussion was animated by CCE - Varaždin County Chamber and Cluster Intelligent Energy, partners in the Greenomed that presented project activities inviting all the participants to join the future Croatian Innovation pilot plan.

Following the conference, bilateral meetings were held to facilitate the trigger some partnership and join initiatives. In particular, discussions took place to understand the needs of companies sin terms of green manufacturing and the potential topics that they might be interested in tp go on with creation of a regional working group and design a pilot plant.

It is planned that a next event will be organised by Croatian partners of GREENOMED in following months to take the next steps in the frame of testing activities of GREENOMED.

The event was live-streamed and the recorded video is available on GREENOMED YouTube Channel