GREENOMED First Political Meeting

Save the date! 3 December 2018 - Brussels, Belgium

On December 3rd, GREENOMED is organizing the “First Greenomed Political Meeting” in Brussels with the support of the Lombardy Delegation, in Brussels. 

The event targets Regional Authorities and policy makers and has the following objectives: 

·  to have a presentation of GREENOMED intermediate results in terms of mobilization of regional stakeholders and identification of priorities based on smart specialization. 

·  to understand challenges experienced by the engaged stakeholders and possible support that could be provided by regional authorities   

·  to exchange experiences of successful inter-regional cooperation in order to support the innovation potential of emerging Regions 

·  to set a possible cooperation agenda among advanced and emerging Regions to increase future cooperation in pilot plants projects 

With this meeting, we also aim at extending the GREENOMED experience to other Regions external to the partnership, so to create a wider critical mass.