GREENOMED Final Conference

Save the date on December 5th 2019 in Lombardy Region Milan!

The “Final GREENOMED Conference” will take place in Milano on 5 December 2019. It is the final event of the GREENOMED project, targeting Regional Authorities and policy makers from MED and other European regions. Regional authorities of the GREENOMED partnership from Lombardia, Catalonia, Rhône Alpes, Marche, Slovenia, Croatia and Central Macedonia, along with other interested regional authorities from MED and other regions, will take part in the event.

The event aims at: 

·       Presenting the GREENOMED inter-regional cooperation methodology to Policy Makers;

·       Presenting the results of the testing of such a methodology within the partnering Regions in terms of emerged innovation priorities, mobilised stakeholders, new regional working groups, and needs for pilot plants; 

·       Presenting the challenges experienced by the engaged stakeholders and proposing possible support that could be provided by regional authorities;

·       Creating a forum for Regional Authorities where they can share challenges and best practices, putting the basis for a future coordinated institutional framework to support capitalization of results achieved within the project;

·       Setting up a possible cooperation agenda among advanced and emerging Regions to increase future cooperation in innovation projects and pilot plants;

·       Extending the GREENOMED experience to other Regions outside the partnership to create a wider critical mass.


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